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Working Together, How We Can Help

Initial consultation to identify the client’s needs and requirements.

When deciding on preservation it is important that you gain all the relevant information you need, based on your asset requirements. With this in mind, O & G Preservation Services will provide and deliver all your requirements that you as the client needs.

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Site survey’s to establish quantities and material requirements.

O&G Preservation Services can provide On-Site survey’s for our clients. It is important to ascertain the condition of assets, the quantities and preservation requirements. All information is then compiled and produced into a report for the client.

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Procedures provided on chosen methods.

Procedures can be provided for our clients when preservation works is a requirement. Various methods of application for various asset protection. Procedures are also available upon purchase of Zerust products.

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Provide experienced Supervisors and Technicians to execute asset protection.

O&G Preservation Services, can provide clients with experienced Supervisors and Technicians for projects where asset protection is required. This is recommended to ensure that all works carried out are done to the highest quality.

On-Site training can be provided for the client for in house staff. This is recommended when preservation continuation maybe required with on-going long term projects.

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Recording & Labelling of all preservation works upon completion.

Upon completion of works, all works will be recorded for client reference. External labelling of assets provided to identify the asset and preservation works carried out.

O&G Preservation Services can provide updates to clients when re-works are required after an expiration period.

Follow up inspections & De-Preservation.

Periodic follow up inspections are important after works completions. O&G will provide follow up inspections to ensure that all asset protection and quality is maintained.

De-Preservation can be provided by O&G Services, when an asset is required for service. Procedures for this can also be provided.



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