Flange Savers How they work


What are Flange Savers and what can they do for you? A Flange Saver is what it says it is, it is a Product that can protect your Flange assemblies from adverse corrosive conditions. This can be used through construction phases and continue into production. Flange Savers are quick and easy to install with minimal training required.


The science behind a Flange Saver is a simple but effective one. The VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) within the Flange Saving package creates a chemical barrier that prevents a typical corrosive attack. The molecules passivate the electron flow between the anodic and cathodic areas, slowing down the corrosion process to a virtual standstill. (See our Flange Protector literature for case study evidence)


  • Maintenance time is significantly reduced
  • Maintenance costs can be more than halved
  • Quick and easy installation and replacement
  • No electrical devices or heating equipment required
  • No special training or certification required for installation
  • Effective life of up to 4 years before replacement (depending on client requirements).
  • Resistant to UV and harsh climatic conditions
  • Transparent film allows visibility to flange assemblies inside the enclosure

 Download our Flange Saver Case Study


Flange Savers are not expensive to purchase and easy to install. Big savings are to be made with such an easy method of protection. For all enquiries and  to purchase, please visit

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